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So I'm done with my Le Slouche from knit and tonic. I love her stuff.. I'm thinking maybe a 'fad classic' and 'somewhat cowl' in the near future. I used 2 balls of Schachenmayr Nomotta 'Aurora'.. randomly found at big lots in a huge bin the other day. I have 6 balls of a light key lime-y green color too. The yarn is really nice.. it's a cotton tape that knits up to about 18sts/4" on sz 6 (i think) needles. I haven't worn it yet, though. I asked the Ninja what he thought about it and he says it would be ok to wear.. with the right outfit. Whatever I dig it.

Anyways, it's St. Patty's Day.. unfortunately most of my friends are working until at least midnight. I think the Ninj and I might head up to m'couls for cocktails but it always gets so crazy downtown... we will see. Lately I've been drawn away from going out.. maybe because i always end up spending way too much money. Chris Daughtry's coming next week.. I think I may just set up some burgers and beer and sit out back to listen to the show.

So my next big project is Glampyre's minisweater. So far it's coming along really well. I'm using Lion Brand Wool-Ease (I know, I know) but I have at least 10 skeins of it from an old sweater I was working on that just didn't work out. I'm pretty excited about how it's turning out. I only have a few more increase rounds and then it's all downhill from there! This is my first big project so I'm stoked. I made some changes after seeing rebeldaisy's: no poofed sleeves, kept 'em short but I'm making it t-shirt length. I'll get some pictures up as soon as I try it on. Happy St. Patty's!! Have a good one!!


first public project

So my boyfriend Nathan's middle brother Jordan came to visit from Kiawah (Island, SC) with his ADORABLE cocker spaniel Puddles. I immediately thought of Christmas presents and thought it would be a good idea to knit her a UGA sweater. (Nathan's youngest brother John plays tennis there, currently holds the #2 spot in the nation) I looked for patterns and finally stumbled across "Casey's Coat" in SNBN. It has simple directions and after figuring out the typo in the gauge (only after much frustration) I got started. I'm using Lion Brand Microspun, the pattern calls for wool but wool... in Georgia? eh...
The Microspun isn't horrible to use, but I wouldn't use it on a big project. I'm using some Clover Takumi 9" #4 straight needles and the bamboo holds the yarn well. There's not much twist in the yarn so it's slippery and catches easily. If you're not careful you can and split stitches. It does, however, make a gorgeous fabric with a really nice drape. It's super soft and seems to hide mistakes in gauge. Don't be fooled, it looks all warped but it's the 9" needles. I should have used circulars.

The picture quality is a little low because I was trying to do this fast!!! I was on Craftster and I need some help figuring out a schematic and I'm doing some colorwork for a UGA pattern on the back (absolutely terrified).

Turkey day was quite uneventful and nice, my folks were at the beach so we went to Nathan's parents house and stuffed ourselves. I tried to make a point of calling everybody I was thankful for but I only got to Jenny and Adrienne. Oh well, I'll try and get to that this week. I'm currently completely booked trying to juggle the end of the semester with my will to knit all of my Christmas presents (except N's) and find time to knit myself things too. I've decided I'm too broke to buy any new clothes so I'll just have to work through my stash. Next post... sweater.. or black and white clutch?


stolen.. but i figured you should know...

48 things you could care less about

1. first name? alison

2. were you named after anyone? i was named after the elvis costello song

3. when did you last cry? like 3 days ago. damn menstrual.

4. do you like your handwriting? it's pretty alright

5. what is your favorite lunchmeat? turkey. i know, generic.

6. if you were another person would you be friends with you? i'd sleep with me. i dont know if we'd be friends afterwards.

7. do you have a journal? no, i was thinking i should make one but i just don't have the determination

8. do you still have your tonsils? yes, i think so.

9. would you bungee jump? yeah probably

10. what is your favorite cereal? i like cheerios and raisin bran, mmm fiber

11. do you untie your shoes when you take them off? i do when i'm in front of other people

12. do you think you are strong? yes *flexes*

13. what is your favorite ice cream flavor? chocolate with peanut butter chunks

14. shoe size? 6ish

5. red or pink? i'll say red

16. what is the least favorite thing about yourself? social anxiety

17. who do you miss the most? my raleigh friends

18. do you want everyone to send this back to you? sure, i dont know anybody in the blog world though

19. what color pants, shirt and shoes are you wearing? i'm wearing some peach colored shorts and a black t-shirt, no shoes although i had my rainbows on at school

20. last thing you ate? animal crackers and a diet coke

21. what are you listening to right now? the TV downstairs

22. if you were a crayon, what color would you be? a gunmetal color, like a deep shiny grey

23. favorite smell? fresh cut grass

24. who was the last person you talked to on the phone? ms. hill

25. the first thing you notice about people you are attracted to? smile

26. do you like the person you stole this from? i dont know who she is, but i like her website: girl is crafty

27. favorite drink? water? diet coke? unsweet tea? i can't choose!

28. favorite sport? soccer, duh

29. eye color? brown

30. hat size? small?

31. do you wear contacts? yes

32. favorite food? anything with lots of carbs and veggies.. mmmm

33. scary movies or happy endings? scary movies

35. summer or winter? winter, i love snuggling up with some hot chocolate

36. hugs or kisses? kisses. who in their right mind puts hugs? weirdos.

37. favorite dessert? fruit

38. who is most likely to respond? my friends are internet-challenged. i have no clue.

39. least likely to respond? see above.

40. what books are you reading? this is really sad but i'm not reading anything not school-related right now. i do have tom brokaw's "the greatest generation" out, planning on finishing it.

41. what's on your mouse pad? i dont have a mouse pad

42. what did you watch last night on tv? effing baseball. ugh i'm so ready for the season to be over. BUT I DID WATCH THE PR FINALE!! and i hate that jeffrey won.

43. favorite sounds? a good conversation, oldies music

44. the rolling stones or beatles? stones, i'm not a huge beatles fan

45. the furthest you've been from home? paris

46. what's your special talent? i have too many to list. HA!

47. where were you born? houston, texas

48. who sent this to you? nobody, i stole it.



so i finally got this going now 3 weeks after i signed up. the holidays have been crazy, i'm definitely ready to step back and just chill for the next month or so and hopefully get some projects finished. currently i'm working on some badass wristwarmers that i found on knitty.com (voodoo wrist warmers) i guess i should tell y'all some about me but i just dont feel like it right now, so that'll be later. probably tonight, i love talking about myself.