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So my boyfriend Nathan's middle brother Jordan came to visit from Kiawah (Island, SC) with his ADORABLE cocker spaniel Puddles. I immediately thought of Christmas presents and thought it would be a good idea to knit her a UGA sweater. (Nathan's youngest brother John plays tennis there, currently holds the #2 spot in the nation) I looked for patterns and finally stumbled across "Casey's Coat" in SNBN. It has simple directions and after figuring out the typo in the gauge (only after much frustration) I got started. I'm using Lion Brand Microspun, the pattern calls for wool but wool... in Georgia? eh...
The Microspun isn't horrible to use, but I wouldn't use it on a big project. I'm using some Clover Takumi 9" #4 straight needles and the bamboo holds the yarn well. There's not much twist in the yarn so it's slippery and catches easily. If you're not careful you can and split stitches. It does, however, make a gorgeous fabric with a really nice drape. It's super soft and seems to hide mistakes in gauge. Don't be fooled, it looks all warped but it's the 9" needles. I should have used circulars.

The picture quality is a little low because I was trying to do this fast!!! I was on Craftster and I need some help figuring out a schematic and I'm doing some colorwork for a UGA pattern on the back (absolutely terrified).

Turkey day was quite uneventful and nice, my folks were at the beach so we went to Nathan's parents house and stuffed ourselves. I tried to make a point of calling everybody I was thankful for but I only got to Jenny and Adrienne. Oh well, I'll try and get to that this week. I'm currently completely booked trying to juggle the end of the semester with my will to knit all of my Christmas presents (except N's) and find time to knit myself things too. I've decided I'm too broke to buy any new clothes so I'll just have to work through my stash. Next post... sweater.. or black and white clutch?


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